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Chapter 27 - A Childhood Sweetheart To Remember

  • Andrea
  • After I was discharged, Aunt Marcella stuck with me from the hospital to the house and until my bedroom.
  • She did the best she could being my guardian mainly because she was concerned of my current state. We had already decided to zip our mouths and not report what had happened to my mother. Both of us felt that scared of her possible rants if she ever did discover it.
  • Auntie tried her hardest to make sure I am properly cared for. You can call it guilt on her part probably since she was the one who mentioned the outreach program to me, but I believe that it was just what it should be. I call it destiny for that to happen to us. It was just lucky enough that Eriol was there to save me and the rest of the volunteers.
  • And oh, speaking of Eriol by the way, yes, I am exactly what you would call a dead meat woman.
  • Why?
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