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Chapter 22 - A Night With Him

  • Andrea
  • I don’t know where this place was exactly, but I had a feeling we were in a five-star hotel or an apartment, or maybe a penthouse. Either way, we were both alone and the king-size bed was already beckoning me to lie down in its soft, suede covered white sheets.
  • Damn... this is where we will do IT? I mentally cheered with my pompoms.
  • I only had a brief glance of the entire bedroom but I immediately deduced this place somehow looked similar to Christian Grey’s own in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Minus the Red Room of course, but then again, I wonder... since Eriol is the Prince of Lust, does he have one hidden behind these walls?
  • Oh, I hope not. My innocence would be contaminated surely if there’s a real Red Room, but come to think of it, Anastasia was a virgin and innocent when Mr. Hot Grey took her right? Exactly just like me now.
  • “Andrea stay still,” Eriol said in a velvety voice as he moved to undress me starting from my red checkered cowgirl shirt. One by one he unbuttoned the garment, the sluggishness of which made me impatient.
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