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Chapter 11 - A Tumble Under the Tree

  • It has been years since I had my last horse ride with Trinitus so it was no wonder why I am partly having a difficult time now.
  • Grabbing the horn of the saddle, I poised in an awkward position. My left foot was neatly placed in the stirrup, ready, but for some reason, I can’t freaking lift myself up to get to the seat. I remember being able to effortlessly flung myself into the horse but I was younger then, right now, I seriously have gained a bit of weight - and curves - to be unable to get this simple action right.
  • Enrique, posing as a gentleman of course, helped me up by putting both of his hands on my waist and lifted me to the seat. I immediately shot a glare towards Eriol’s way who stood in front of the two horses holding the reins. My glare meant, don’t do anything stupid, and by stupid meant, don’t hurt the man with your supernatural abilities! He only responded with a cold grin on me with his lip-piercing winking at the same time. This definitely worried me more. What is this lapdog scheming now?!
  • But so far so good. Enrique didn’t suddenly feel anything unusual.
  • I thanked him for helping me and then settled comfortably on Trinitus, smoothing its face with my palm. I saw Enrique help himself up with the mustang and I kinda admire how easily he did so. Maybe he had his own share of horse training too. For a rich man like him, it was no wonder.
  • “Have an enjoyable ride, Milady Andrea, Mr. DaisVita.” As a typical well-wisher, Eriol said after releasing the reins. He glanced on my way and I swear I could see a spark of something naughty in his eyes.
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