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Chapter 10 - Mr. Flogger and His Horses

  • Humming, I changed my clothes and footwear in a much proper one.
  • As oppose to earlier, I felt pretty much confident now. Mr. DaisVita and his Casanova ways weren’t my problem anymore. Well, by heart, I still believe that he’d endlessly pour words of delight to inflate my lungs and he’d try to get all touchy with me, but unlike last night, I am now prepared. The location I had in mind for our meeting would be the proper place for a civil talk: in my Auntie’s ranch. I figured, what could go wrong in a place full of horses and manure right?
  • After changing, I walked out of my bedroom and into the outside porch. I leaned on the metal railing and waited. In this angle, I could see the whole of the front gate, the main garden, the driveway, and the parking lot. It was a beautiful view altogether. I actually enjoyed the time just scanning the place.
  • Fifteen minutes past, I saw the BMW leave the house. Ten minutes later, I saw a new flashy car enter the driveway. Inside it was Mr. Rich Man driving the sleek red Ferrari.
  • Although it was forced, I brought out a smile on my face.
  • Mr. DaisVita stepped out of his vehicle, eyed me and waved a hand.
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