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Chapter 222 Explaining Himself

  • As soon as Oscar's plane touched down, he hopped into the car and asked the chauffeur to take him to the neighborhood where Tiffany was staying.
  • He saw Tiffany holding a bag of trash and throwing it away when he got out of the car. Oscar was quick and ran a little to reach Tiffany. She saw him there, but her smile turned upside down immediately after. She didn't even bother looking at him before she turned around and walked in the other direction.
  • Oscar reached out and grabbed her before getting right to the point. He asked, “Tiffany, where is Amelia?”
  • Tiffany glared over icily. “Look who's here. It's Mr. Clinton. I was wondering who it was. So, you still care about Amelia, huh?”
  • Oscar frowned and replied, “Amelia is my wife. Why would I not care about her? Also, why didn't she pick up my calls?”
  • Tiffany had a skin-deep grin on before she taunted, “Mr. Clinton, are you sure you called her?”
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