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Throwing Away Her Billionaire Husband

Throwing Away Her Billionaire Husband

Zhen Xin Xin

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1

  • Two years ago...
  • There was no joyful welcome. There were only about twenty people who formed their own camps. Some openly disliked the bride, Sandra Campbell, for being too modest and not from a wealthy background. Some didn't care about the wedding ceremony at all.
  • For example, her father, Kleinn Campbell, was busy with his smartphone, and her older brother, Harold Campbell, was chatting with his girlfriend.
  • Only Laura Smith and Ruth Vanessa, her two best friends since high school, were still willing to help and support her.
  • Sandra looked at her bridegroom with a smile on her lips. It was a dream for any woman in this world to marry the prince of their dreams.
  • She was no exception. The man standing beside her looked so perfect in formal attire. His brown hair was neatly styled, further enhancing the good looks on his face.
  • But those tanned eyes did not glance at her at all. His gaze was so empty, creating sadness in Sandra's heart. In the seconds after her inauguration as a married couple, she began to question her decision to accept this marriage proposal.
  • Was her decision the right one?
  • She looked down in the mouth as soon as the idea appeared in her mind. Her smile vanished, replaced by regret that seemed irreversible.
  • "Are you willing to spend the rest of your time with Miss Sandra Campbell? In sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, until death do you part?"
  • The man did not answer immediately. His lips pressed together before finally answering in a cold, flat tone.
  • "I will."
  • "All right," said the priest standing before them. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride now."
  • ***
  • Sandra stared blankly at her laptop screen. She looked at the blank white sheet of her Google Doc that had not been filled in by anything. The sound of birds chirping to enliven the morning could not make her mood more cheerful.
  • The morning sun sneaking into the dining room that transformed into her workspace also couldn't invite her out to enjoy the morning sunlight that would surely warm her body.
  • She had no such desire. It had been several months since her marriage to Andrew Flynn, but everything was empty. There was no married life as she had envisioned it. There was only boredom in the spacious villa.
  • "This is the key. This villa is your home now."
  • "Villa? Wait, you mean to leave me here alone?"
  • "Do you think I really want to marry you out of love? My grandmother forced me to do it. Don't think that you are my wife. Let's live our own lives."
  • Andrew's flat tone as he said it still lingered in her mind. Coupled with the mocking smile and a cold look in his eyes before leaving her in this place, everything was still engraved in her mind, carving a big wound in her heart.
  • That man never even visited her. There was not the slightest intention for Andrew to visit her. The only moments she could see Andrew were dinners and parties among the social elite.
  • Other than that, never.
  • If it wasn't for her father's foolish business management that nearly bankrupted him...
  • Had it not been for the offer from Stacey Flynn, Andrew's grandmother, who asked her to marry her grandson, Andrew Flynn, perhaps none of this would have happened.
  • There would have been only regret and emptiness. Was this the ideal life she dreamed of at the age of 27? Compared to her real life, the lives of the characters in her novels are much more romantic and perfect.
  • Things that seemed impossible for her to get.
  • Once again, Sandra let out a long sigh. Just thinking about it made her sad.
  • "The perfect love life only exists in novels. In fiction stories, huh ..."
  • Her hand reached for the glass, about to drink her coffee, before realizing that it was empty. She grumbled in annoyance, moved from her spot to the kitchen, and made a new coffee.
  • There was only one thing that made her survive this dull marriage; her novel. Her life as a novelist with a mysterious identity provided her with enough income to make ends meet.
  • After the wedding, she vowed not to use a penny of the money Andrew gave her or any of the things he gave her. This villa was the only one she used, simply because she didn't want to arouse Stacey's suspicions.
  • "Sandra!"
  • "Uwaa!!!"
  • She was so surprised that she almost spilled the coffee she had just brewed when someone hugged her from behind. She put down her coffee cup and then let go of the very familiar hug with a slightly irritated expression.
  • "Laura. I told you repeatedly not to do it," Sandra turned her body back, looking at Laura, who smiled contentedly at her. "It's a good thing the coffee didn't spill."
  • "So you're more concerned about the coffee than me?" Laura had a sad expression on her face.
  • Although they were the same age, Laura was shorter than her (she was 180 cm, while Laura was only 165 cm). In addition, Laura had a baby face and was supported by her childish nature, making her pass as a teenage girl.
  • "I'm already speechless," Sandra raised her hands and resigned. She walked back to the dining room, followed by Laura. "Why did you come?"
  • "Do I have to have a special reason to visit my best friend?" Laura puffed out her cheeks as she folded her arms in front of her chest, pretending to be annoyed.
  • "I'm not sure that's your reason," Sandra said, squinting her eyes. "I'm sure it's more than that."
  • Laura finally stopped pretending to be angry, pulling out a chair and sitting next to Sandra. "My intention was to check on your work progress. But seeing your Google Doc that still hasn't been filled in, I think it's better if I postpone it."
  • "I'm sorry ..." Sandra said regretfully.
  • Laura does have a cute face. But behind her cute face, this woman manages to graduate from the Master's degree with the best title in literature, leading her to her dream job as a novel editor.
  • Laura was also the one who encouraged Sandra to pursue her career as a writer and sent her first manuscript to her father, who owned a book publishing company.
  • Laura's father, Claude Smith, immediately offered her to publish her first work without hesitation after reading it. Three months after she received the contract and her book was published, her debut novel was ranked as a bestseller in New York.
  • The Billionaire's Path to Revenge is the title of her debut novel. It was the story of a man who became the most prominent businessman in his city, only to take revenge on the wealthy family that killed his entire family. His plans start to falter when he realizes that he is in love with the daughter of his family's murderer.
  • Thanks to the sales of the book, which was still selling well and becoming famous, she did not have to worry about financial matters.
  • "No need to apologize," Laura patted her shoulder, then leaned towards Sandra. "Instead of that, I have an offer that might interest you."
  • "Hm?" Sandra pulled one eyebrow together, feeling both intrigued and curious. "You get my undivided attention. Shoot."
  • "Do you want to get out of your dull married life?"
  • "Eh?"
  • ***