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Chapter 87 The Roaring Father, the Witch and the Flying Kick

  • Anthony rolled his eyes when he heard Obsidian’s threats. You want to tear Jung Enterprises apart? Are you as powerful as the gods on Mount Olympus? Even if you were a Class S master, don’t tell me you could rip apart an organization because of your fighting abilities? There are laws now. You can’t just kill people.
  • On the other hand, Walter heard Obsidian’s words and began to sweat profusely. “Please don’t, Master Obsidian… It’s all my fault! Please… I didn’t know Anthony was one of you…”
  • Obsidian was one of the members on the Board of Shikari. He was also one of the most powerful figures on the board. Obsidian was not just a fighter; he also had a keen business mind. He was influential and held control over many assets. It was a piece of cake for him to destroy Jung Enterprises.
  • “Shut up and move!” Obsidian snarled before kicking Walter on his butt. The impact of his kick forced Walter to his knees next to Anthony’s feet.
  • Anthony was muddled. “Are you sure we can do this, Master? How are we related? Why don’t I know you?”
  • Obsidian rolled his eyes. “I’m Obsidian Witch. You may not know me, but your damned master knows me!”
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