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Chapter 83 An Eye-Opener for the General

  • Seeing General Hyrtl’s menacing action, Natalie screamed in fear. “What are you doing?!” She raised her arm to elbow the general in his face.
  • Anthony inhaled sharply and hastily raised his arm to catch Natalie’s arm. “Don’t worry, Natalie!” What was she thinking? Her body is covered in poison. What if she accidentally touches the general and kills him? Anthony thought fearfully.
  • Anthony was not the slightest bit concerned about his safety. He knew that General Hyrtl was a Class D master and was not a rival of his. Furthermore, Dorian White was sitting nearby. Surely, Markel Hyrtl knew that a master was sitting nearby, so he would not dare to hurt Anthony.
  • If so, was the general just trying to intimidate Anthony?
  • “What can I do to prove that I’m the apprentice, General Hyrtl?” Anthony grinned.
  • Markel narrowed his eyes and thought deeply. His eyes fell on his left hand’s thumb. “I got a cut on this finger from a saber. Since then, I’ve had problems moving this finger because of a blocked vein. I’ll believe that you’re the apprentice if you can heal it!”
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