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Chapter 80 The Beautiful Apprentice

  • “Eat up then!” Jean broke the ice.
  • After having dinner and clearing the table, Anthony and Jean sat on the sofa to rest their stomachs. However, the atmosphere was tantalizing. Anthony realized that Jean had invited him to her place for other reasons.
  • “Madam très beau, now that dinner is over, can I go?” Anthony was unsure if he could control himself if he were to stay any longer. Jean’s long legs were calling out to him.
  • Jean wrung her hands. “No, wait… I called you here to ask you to teach me how to fight!”
  • She watched Anthony as he fought off the werewolf and was fascinated.
  • Although she was a runner-up in fighting competitions and was one of the fittest women, she was utterly trapped when the werewolf caught her. However, she witnessed how Anthony was able to fend for himself against the monstrous werewolf! She saw with her own eyes how Anthony gave the werewolf a tight slap that sent him flying.
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