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Chapter 79 A Date with the Madam

  • Cate and Prue were speechless. What a joke!
  • However, what Anthony said was the truth. Walter and Ronald nearly fought after he pointed out that Walter was getting in his way.
  • Anthony sent Prue and Cate to their office and got himself a taxi. After reaching his villa, he started to work on the Supreme Palm with Dorian White.
  • Although Anthony had Carnelian vision, the Supreme Palm was Dorian White’s lovechild. He had dedicated his life to the Supreme Palm. Anthony was mesmerized by the variations in the Supreme Palm, especially after he secretly learned to boost the Supreme Palm with the Schlafi one-inch punch.
  • By the time they wrapped up their practice in the evening, Poppy and Natalie had prepared dinner. As they were preparing the table for dinner, Anthony received a phone call from Jean. “Hello shtick, thank you for saving me yesterday… Let me get you a meal!”
  • Is this Madam très beau? Anthony thought. Although Anthony was still captivated by Jean’s hot bod, he was a careful man. Jean had quite a boisterous personality. If he was careless in his interactions with her, he might get into trouble.
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