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Chapter 77 The Idiot Son

  • Blocked him?
  • Cate and Prue rolled their eyes at Anthony. This brat’s blocking must be equivalent to breaking bones and bullying!
  • Walter’s face darkened when he realized that Anthony, Cate, and Prue forgot about him and were chatting amicably. “Hey, you! Are you listening? I told you to leave!”
  • Anthony opened his mouth to respond but was interrupted by Cate. She frowned and said, “Good day, Mr. Jung. I see that we are not welcomed here. Goodbye!” Cate gestured to Anthony and Prue to leave. We do not have to discuss it if you do not welcome my people! Cate thought.
  • Anthony watched the exchange and cherished Cate’s actions. He realized that despite Cate’s cold exterior, deep inside, she was a kind soul.
  • Cate did not need to take an interest in Anthony and Walter’s rivalry, yet she did. She even used the Crosby Group to back Anthony up. Anthony felt gratitude welling up in his heart.
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