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Chapter 73 The Therianthropy Serum

  • The young man surveyed Anthony cautiously while speaking. His chances of being with Jean was slim with a more powerful opponent around. However, he still needed to get some fresh blood.
  • Jean’s eyes lit up with joy when she saw Anthony. However, upon hearing his words, anger stirred within her, and Jean nearly screamed at him.
  • “No! I should be the one who gets her first for at least half an hour!” Anthony insisted. Gelid grazed the ground, and bright sparks burst forth. Anthony released his Class C powers, causing the young man to step backwards in trepidation!
  • Jean was unable to hold herself anymore and yelled, “… Men are trash! You… You bastard!” Anthony left her a bad impression after he incited Oscar Hammel’s men to crash into her car. He must have been the one who beat up Oliver Hammel’s people too. Jean could not arrest him without concrete evidence, especially since the CCTV was not functioning.
  • If this bastard touches me, I’ll kill him! Jean thought furiously.
  • The young man was blown away by Anthony’s powerful force field. He shoved Jean towards Anthony and said, “I concede. Give her back after half an hour!” Anthony pulled Jean towards her and allowed his eyes to linger on her body for a few moments. The way Jean dressed herself today excited him.
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