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Chapter 71 The Hunters Are Hunted Down

  • Justin, the Eighth Master, and the rest of the men stared open-mouthed. Was that a scene from a movie? Did that old man really just demolish all their powerful men just like that? None of them managed a blow?
  • Justin quickly jogged towards Dorian and kneeled before him with tears in his eyes, “I am sorry! I was wrong!” If Anthony managed to beat him up so badly once before, Justin could not imagine how much more powerful his master must be! Those who were left would not be able to survive it if they fought this master. The three Hammel brothers, Owen, Oscar and Oliver, and the Eighth Master reluctantly kneeled in a row before Dorian. They had to submit. After all, they were in the enemy’s territory.
  • Dorian nodded with satisfaction and muttered, “How dare you bully my apprentice! Each of you better pay me fifty million for the psychological damage. Transfer them to this account…” He took off his shoe and started to beat them.
  • Oliver and the Eighth Master turned pale with pain. Their faces were bruised and swollen from the beating they received. They brought so many people here today to get revenge on Anthony. Instead, they were kneeling in front of an old man and got their butts kicked.
  • Dorian felt his anger evaporate after beating up the men. “Leave now!” He yelled like he was shooing away flies. He turned to Anthony with a smile and said, “My good apprentice, come, let’s get to know one another!” This boy Anthony really had innate Chakras! How rare! Louis really found a gem! He thought.
  • “I will show you the techniques for the Supreme Palm. It is a combination of Tai Qi moves like the Eight Fixed Palms and the Thunder Clap…” Dorian began to show Anthony the techniques while speaking. He was excited to share his knowledge once he found out that Anthony had a body that was in tip-top condition and had innate Chakras!
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