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Chapter 70 Kneel Before Me

  • Sam paused and said austerely, “On another note, the Varangians are recruiting. Anthony, help us to recruit some people! I’ve been failing to recruit lately.”
  • The Varangians were headed by Three Lords - Lords Griffin, Pegasus and Unicorn and their lieutenants. The lieutenants each led a battalion called the Seven Kingsmen, named after the seven elements - Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Yin and Yang. Sam Wilson was the leader of the Gold battalion, which incidentally was the weakest battalion. It was difficult to recruit anyone to the Gold Battalion due to its weak reputation. On the other hand, the Gold Battalion was not able to revamp their reputation because they could not get good recruits to join them. It was a vicious cycle.
  • Anthony paused. “I haven’t learnt anything yet, Sam. How could I teach them anything?” Sam chuckled and said, “Your master will send a teacher to you soon!” Anthony suddenly remembered Master Louis mentioned that he would lay hold of those who were indebted to him, including Dorian White and Obsidian Witch! Anthony had no idea that they were on their way to meet him already.
  • Anthony went upstairs to take a nap after sending Sam and Logan off. Just as he lay down, Anthony heard the doorbell ring incessantly. He picked up the CCTV monitor and saw an unfamiliar old man standing at the door. “How may I help you?”
  • The old man put his arms on his hips and said impassively, “Delivery, open up!”
  • The old man at Anthony’s door was fuming. The list of men waiting to be trained by him was a mile long because he did not accept all who came to him. Now he had to travel to New York because Louis made him promise to train some unknown brat.
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