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Chapter 7 A Burst of Good Luck

  • Anthony put his arm around Poppy’s waist and pulled her into the hallway of the club, leaving Justin practically stamping his feet in anger.
  • The security guards standing next to him asked kindly, “Young Master, did you catch a cold? Should we go in too?”
  • Justin was driven speechless at the ‘kindness’ of the guard. His face darkened in anger. “Get lost!” Justin took out his phone and dialed a number, “You assholes! Your report was full of shit! Conduct a new investigation. I want to know everything about him! His ancestors, everything! I need to know all there is to know about him!”
  • Meanwhile, Anthony was chatting with the guests in the main hall.
  • “Hello, Chairman Jones, was it? You’re in real estate? What a coincidence! I have a piece of land valued at two billion. I’ll sell it to you at a bargain!”
  • Chairman James Jones quickly stood and clinked his glass against Anthony’s. “Is that so? Thank you so much, Young Master Stewart! What a handsome and outstanding man you are!”
  • “Chairman Jones! I do enjoy an honest person like you!” Poppy watched as Anthony kept up the act. He was pulling things out of the air without thinking about the consequences. She hurriedly pulled him away and introduced him around. “This is Chairman Nicholas Fuller! He does finance.”
  • Anthony clinked his glass with Chairman Fuller’s. “Chairman Fuller! The stock market hasn’t been looking good. Now is a good time to get rid of stocks!”
  • Poppy was also the chairman of a company, but next to Anthony, why did she feel like a trophy wife? Especially when she heard him talking big. Poppy smacked the side of her head repeatedly. This naughty man!
  • While Anthony and Poppy were going around introducing themselves, a young man in a traditional tunic examined Anthony with squinted eyes. He smirked. “Let’s go over. We have to meet this guy!” He said to the tuxedoed man next to him.
  • The man in the tuxedo was shocked. He chuckled, “Steven, this might be the first time you’ve taken the initiative to greet someone. You can tell by a glance that this kid is talking out of his ass. Is this worthy of Steven Rodger’s friendship?” The tuxedoed man twirled the stem of a wine glass between his fingers. He looked at Anthony with disdain.
  • The man in the tuxedo was called Peter Park. The Park family was one of the ten wealthiest families in New York.
  • The corner of Steven’s mouth twitched, and he smiled, “It’s okay. You’ll know if it’ll be worth it after dealing with him, right?”
  • “Oh?” Peter looked at Anthony doubtfully. Steven Rodgers was the mayor’s son, and he was veritably the first son of New York. He could always tell with people’s character. While talking, the two walked in Anthony’s direction.
  • Poppy saw them coming from a distance. “Steven, Peter, you’re here too?” The Perkins Company had been established in New Jersey for many years, and naturally, she had contacts with most of the heads in New York. Poppy had met Steven several times now.
  • Steven nodded at her, “Yeah. I heard that you’ve found yourself a suitor. I came just to see him!”
  • The first son of New York had always been cold and distant. And now he was actually taking the initiative to introduce himself to Anthony. That fact alone gave him bragging rights. But seeing as how Anthony had just easily bought a twenty-billion island, he had the right to brag.
  • Before Poppy could speak, Steven hugged Anthony across the shoulders. “Brother Stewart, it’s a tad bit filthy here. How about we head inside for a bout of gambling?”