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Chapter 68 A Terrific Tablet

  • Anthony drove to the villa. As he parked his car, he was surprised to hear voices floating out of the villa. He recognized only Natalie and Poppy’s voices. Who was the third girl?
  • He opened the door to the villa and stepped into the living room. He froze in his tracks as his eyes fell on Jennifer Kemper. Why is she here? She was still wearing the white shorts and the pink camisole that she wore this afternoon. He was sure that the girl was Jennifer.
  • “Welcome back, Anthony. This is my cousin, Jennifer!” Poppy said. She had no idea that they had met before. Jennifer’s eyes widened, and she stuttered, “You? Why are you here?” She blinked in shock and turned towards Poppy. “Poppy, this is my hero boyfriend…”
  • The ladies stared at each other in silence and screamed simultaneously, “We were talking about the same person?”
  • “This is wonderful! Our wish came true! We are going to be with the same person, Poppy!” Jennifer said excitedly and winked at Anthony.
  • Anthony was rooted to the spot and looked slightly dazed. What a coincidence. The university sweetheart he saved was Poppy’s cousin! Anthony was contemplating Poppy’s proposal for her to introduce girlfriends to him. However, the current situation did not allow him to reject her anymore. Jennifer probably would not accept his refusal!
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