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Chapter 6 Fresh And Refined

  • Anthony smiled, “You’ve stopped? I haven’t seen anything yet!”
  • “Go to hell! Look away! You naughty man…” Poppy was embarrassed. Within a few seconds, she got dressed. “Let’s go! We’re going shopping!”
  • “Why are we going shopping?” Anthony asked in confusion.
  • “Obviously, it’s because you’re to accompany me to the banquet tonight. My boyfriend can’t be looking too shabby!” Poppy’s face was still pink. Her nose was upturned. She let out a sigh. Could this man really change my fate?
  • Poppy dressed up. At seven, she brought a well-dressed, handsome, and suave Anthony Stewart to Hammel’s Heaven. An Anima suit, Rolex watch… Anthony was going to turn heads tonight. Even Poppy couldn’t help but take a few glances at him.
  • “Pop, you’re here! You look amazing!” Justin Hammel was waiting for them at the entrance. He greeted Poppy with a smile.
  • Poppy had shown Anthony a photo of Justin before they came, so naturally he recognized Justin.
  • Before Poppy could speak, Anthony embraced her and planted a kiss on her face. “How is it your business if my girlfriend looks beautiful?”
  • Poppy glanced shyly at Anthony. She then turned towards Justin and said, “Chairman Hammel, this is my boyfriend, Anthony Stewart!” In the same manner, she turned to Anthony and said, “Anthony, Justin Hammel is the heir to the Hammel family.”
  • “Oh! Mr. Hammel? I’ve never heard of you. Did someone forget to train their pet dog?”
  • “You…” Justin spluttered and trembled with rage. “You asshole! Men, get him! Beat him to death!”
  • Justin Hammel had his people investigate Anthony. Anthony was just a kid from the countryside. He had no money, no background. And here he was trying to pick a fight with Justin? Dream on!
  • Security gathered at Justin’s word. They were about to go in on him when Anthony unhurriedly pulled out the newly bought phone from Poppy out of his pocket. “Don’t interrupt my call. You can’t afford it!”
  • “What? Was buying an island so difficult for you? Don’t you have enough money? Didn’t I just transfer you twenty billion? If that still isn’t enough, I’ll have finance transfer you an additional ten billion tomorrow. We need that damn island! Get it done even if it’s the last thing you do!”
  • Anthony’s conversation was heard through the entire hall. It was silent, and everyone looked at each other. Twenty billion? An island? That’s insane! Where did this nobody, turned secret billionaire come from?
  • The security guards didn’t dare touch him now. This person was even richer than the Hammel family! There was no competition. Hurting him… Heck! An accidental touch would put them in debt for the rest of their lives. Even Justin was also taken in by Anthony’s serious face. He froze, looking awkward for everyone to see.
  • Poppy watched from the side and held back her grin. This naughty man. He didn’t even have a job, but he lied like a champ! She thought back to Anthony’s terrifying ability and thought to herself that a man like him if he so wanted wealth, it would only be a matter of time. She hoped that she had made the right choice in Anthony!
  • At the face of everyone’s reaction, Anthony was relaxed as ever. He cleared his throat, “Don’t stand around! Let’s go in. It’s breezy out here… I feel like I might be catching a cold!” He cleared his throat again for good measure.
  • Their eyes widened, and they were all speechless. It was a bright and sunny summer’s day! There was no way he was catching a cold!