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Chapter 58 Fight Till Death

  • Just as Anthony hesitated, four heavy trucks came from behind and slammed into Anthony’s Land Rover.
  • Anthony was shocked when he saw the four trucks from his rearview mirror. Justin was determined to take his life! If that is the case, then I will not spare him anymore! Skyward Group, the Hammel family, especially Oliver Hammel, were already on Anthony’s hit list.
  • “In front, Anthony! Look…” Natalie suddenly pointed to the front anxiously and called Anthony.
  • Anthony raised his eyes and saw four heavy trucks moving towards them head-on. Anthony panicked and peed in his pants.
  • Anthony stopped his car for a while. In front of his car, the young man quickly grabbed the opportunity to run to the flowerbed at the roadside. “Come hit me if you can, you crazy bastard! You can go rot in hell…” The young man was tired from being chased by Anthony. When he finally saw help, he immediately hid behind a big tree and yelled out at Anthony, challenging him.
  • The eight heavy trucks had completely blocked the road, and both sides of the road were flowerbeds as tall as one foot. There was no way to escape even if Anthony ran out from his car now.
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