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Chapter 56 Lend Me Your Girlfriend

  • Anthony sized the girl up from head to toe. She was not particularly attractive, but she looked dainty and had a fresh appearance.
  • “Mia Stewart? We have the same last name! Haha!” Anthony noticed the nametag she wore on her chest and cracked a joke.
  • Mia smiled sweetly and said, “That’s right, Sir. Feel free to ask if there’s anything you’d like to know. Let me get you some drinks first. Would you like to have some tea or coffee?” Mia had a sincere and kind smile on her face.
  • Anthony had decided on the car model he wanted. He had surveyed the model and price before going to the store and planned to get the car immediately. A fully loaded Land Rover would cost several million, so its commission would be a few ten thousands. Since Mia treated him sincerely, she deserved this commission.
  • Anthony Stewart stopped Mia and ordered, “It’s fine, get me the sales agreement. I want the long-wheelbase Autobiography model!”
  • His words stunned Mia immediately, “Sir, you… You want to buy a car?” Mia did not expect this to happen.
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