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Chapter 53 A Sudden Turn of Events

  • As soon as Arthur finished his sentence, the sound of cars braking could be heard from the main entrance. The police cars were parked methodically along the curb.
  • A slightly chubby Chief John McCain was the first to make an appearance. Looking at the eighty men kneeling on the floor and writing away on their notebooks, he was taken aback, “What is the situation here?”
  • Earlier that day, Chief McCain received a report of a mass gathering at Rothschild Tower and that a fight seemed to be breaking out. He immediately led a troop to the location in hopes of preventing the fight from occurring. Alas, he arrived at the scene to find Arthur’s men copying texts on the floor. It was most peculiar!
  • Seeing the Bureau Chief’s arrival, Arthur immediately greeted him like his own father. “Dear Chief McCain, you’re here! For the sake of our years of friendship, please do us some justice! Look at the bunch of us – we have been utterly humiliated…” Arthur was lamenting in tears and snots.
  • Chief McCain’s eyebrows instantly furrowed. Did he lose his brain to the zombies? How am I supposed to act in front of these people if they know that we’re both closely affiliated?
  • Nevertheless, Chief McCain was obliged to look out for Arthur Rothschild. Arthur had been good to him all these years. “Arrest those who threaten to disrupt the public order!”
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