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Chapter 52 Were You Trying To Outnumber Me?

  • Anthony sat on a chair in the middle of the hall like a boss. He maintained a calm demeanor as he watched the bunch of young men with baseball bats making their way towards him.
  • Nevertheless, Kim Jung overheard what Anthony had said on the phone, and his brows immediately knitted into a deep furrow. No wonder he acts like he owns the place. He has the Third Master behind his back. It looks like this will be a problem.
  • After Anthony had given his orders, a thundering roar was heard coming from the main entrance. All of a sudden, what must have been close to two hundred men filled up the entire hall and forced Kim Jung’s followers into the corners.
  • Jonah Jones appeared in a crisp Zhongshan suit amidst the sea of his men. He jogged towards Anthony and said, “Master Anthony, I’m here! Who’s that One-eyed Billy who wanted to break your legs? Does he even know who the Third Master of New York is? Is it him?” Jonah pointed squarely at Kim Jung. With a grim expression, he bellowed, “Somebody, get him on his knees!”
  • Jonah’s eyes pierced into the soul of Kim Jung. Immediately, three enormous men came forward and were ready to get a hold of Kim Jung.
  • Kim Jung was nervous from Jonah’s murderous stare. As he saw the giants approaching, he warily took a few steps back. “Third Master, we are under the jurisdiction of the Eighth Master. You’re crossing into his territory here – it’s not entirely appropriate, is it?” While the Rothschilds had successfully branded themselves as legitimate business owners in recent years, old habits die hard – behind closed doors, they were still colluding with the likes of the Eighth Master.
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