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Chapter 48 Whack Her Bum

  • “Let me down!” Prue wriggled her body, gritted her teeth, and brawled.
  • The petite secretary who stood next to him was astounded. Her eyes were about to fall out. My goodness. This interviewee is such a badass. He has the gut to provoke the infamous devilsaur director?
  • Anthony strutted in the direction of the office while responding to Prue, “You have to have faith in my ability. Understand? You know, I’m such a good-looking hunk, and it’s unusual for me to tend to a matter personally!”
  • “…” Prue hung on his shoulder. She was about to cry, “Asshole, let me down, so many people are watching!” Along the corridor, some people heard Prue’s screaming in their cubicles. They rushed out and saw that Prue was on Anthony’s shoulder like a sack of potato. They were curious about what was happening.
  • This damn bastard. So many people are watching me being lugged on his shoulder like this. How am I going to work in the company in the future?
  • “Stop. Stop moving around. I am going to lose it!” Although Prue McAllister was a grumpy woman, undeniably, she had a great body figure. When she pounded his shoulders, it set off a lustful urge on him.
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