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Chapter 44 The Crazy Master of Healing

  • More than ten brutes charged at Anthony fearlessly at Oliver’s command, brandishing their wooden bats and steel bars.
  • Anthony stretched his arms and legs and was about to attack when Brady suddenly roared, “Imbeciles, how dare you trespass my yard! Do you all want to die? Master, madam, both of you should get into the house. Leave them to me!”
  • “…” Upon hearing him, Anthony and Natalie exchanged glances. Brady agreed to be Anthony’s apprentice? That’s great!
  • Anthony could feel the energy emanating from Brady. He was curious to see what Brady would do.
  • Brady’s roar had shocked Oliver’s men. They all knew that they were in the Med King’s residence, and they knew very well that one should never cross a healer!
  • However, Oliver was thoroughly insulted by Anthony last night and had reached the limit of his patience. When Brady blocked the way, Oliver said angrily, “Brady, why are you butting in? Don’t come crying to me later… Damn, how dare you threaten me…”
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