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Chapter 41 Lost blessings

  • A strap on Natalie’s shoulder slipped off. What a temptation for Anthony!
  • “No! I won’t sell out myself like this. Go back to sleep. I have a business to do tomorrow…” Anthony would be busy after dealing with Jonah’s assassin problem tomorrow. The $200 billion goal was a lofty goal to achieve! He had to persuade Barnes to join him in his hospital venture and start his jewelry line with Poppy soon.
  • However, Natalie was not easily dissuaded. Louis promised her that being with Anthony would neutralize the poison. She was not going to pass up this opportunity so easily!
  • “Then I’ll sleep here!” Natalie jumped onto his bed and squirmed underneath the sheets.
  • Anthony observed her delightedly and chuckled. “That’s okay, I’ll go then!” Anthony planned to stay with Poppy anyways. If this minx wanted to stay here, then it was her choice.
  • Anthony picked up his clothes and strode towards his room door.
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