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Chapter 386 I Come Here to Cause Trouble

  • Upon hearing the tone on the other end, Anthony couldn’t help frowning, “What’s not good about it. We’re the Varangians. Is it not our duty to protect the country and the people from danger? Are you telling me that you don’t even dare to take action against a small thug like Noel? Did you receive a bribe from someone?”
  • “No, no…. Dean, you have misunderstood! I have been put in charge of Maspeth, so I have always been cautious and conscientious. It’s that I’ve just received news that D‘Baum clan of The Ever Eight Clan has just sent people to meet with Noel Arc. If The Ever Eight Clan gets involved in Maspeth, I’m afraid that it would not be wise to confront them!” The head of the Maspeth branch’s analysis seemed to make sense.
  • In the past, the Varangians were weak, so they could only seek to maintain a balance of power among various sects. Now, Anthony had taken over and helped to advance the powers of the core members. He could not allow the Varangians to be bullied.
  • “You don’t have to worry about this! The Ever Eight Clan? Since I’m in Southeastern, I want to see what they’re made of… Inform your people to prepare for battle!” The Ever Eight Clan wanted to disband the Varangians, so they were the Varangians’ enemies.
  • Even if Anthony were to leave them alone, they would still cause Anthony trouble.
  • “Yes, dean. I’ll arrange immediately!” On the other end, the head of the Maspeth branch saw that Anthony had made up his mind, so he did not question further.
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