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Chapter 382 Gobbling Up a Class Nascent Expert

  • Nearby, Claude and Estia noticed that Anthony was absorbing Arboriform again and was surprised for a moment. However, they didn’t think much of it.
  • After all, Anthony had continuously channeled a large amount of Reiki to many people, so they thought that he had used up a lot of his own Reiki and was replenishing them.
  • A great surge of Arboriform flowed into the Black Jade.
  • The strange voice sounded in Anthony’s mind again, “Ah, this feels wonderful… Thank you, Master.”
  • Anthony was a little astounded by the fact that the Back Jade was alive. He tried to communicate with it through his mind. “Erm… Who are you? Why are you in the Black Jade?”
  • “I… I’m called Nagini, a magical beast from ten thousand years ago. The Black Jade you speak of is actually an egg. Your Reiki has hatched me open…”
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