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Chapter 381 Mass Channeling of Reiki

  • Furthermore, the one who brought this danger was someone very close to Anthony. It was someone no one expected.
  • After giving out instructions at the Varangians base, Anthony brought Estia and the others back to the Grayson family home to rest. Early next morning, they returned to the Varangians base again and had a simple inauguration ceremony.
  • The Varangians were facing a crisis. Anthony was entrusted with great responsibility in such critical times. Since everyone in the Varangians had witnessed Anthony’s capabilities and knew that Michael and Lord Pegasus supported him, no one objected to Anthony’s inauguration as the dean of the Varangians.
  • By nine o’clock in the morning, the ceremony was completed. Anthony, Louis, Kainen, Claude, Estia, Michael, Lord Pegasus, and a group of the Varangians’ Master of Realms entered a dozen of cars and sped towards a primeval forest in the outskirts of Williamsburg.
  • At the forest, a few members of the Varangians and the Great Divine Peasant guards had surveyed and cleared the place of threats beforehand.
  • Half an hour later, at the primeval forest, Anthony called out to the Masters of Realms, who stood in rows before him, “Now, I will use a special method to raise you all to the Grandmaster Class, or perhaps even Class Azoth… But you must remember only to use your powers for good and to serve the Varangians well. Otherwise, no matter where you escape to, I will hunt you down and kill you, understand?”
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