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Chapter 377 Surround and Kill

  • They were nearly at the end of the Eastward Highway. With just a few hundred meters more, the Dark Mage’s base would be in sight.
  • The Great Elder blocked Claude’s attack and shouted into the earpiece, “Young Master, we are being attacked near the base. Please send help urgently. They have taken Sharon.”
  • The voice on the other end growled, “They’re quick! They have chased to the front of the base? I will go immediately to fight Anthony.”
  • Previously at the headquarters, Quinten, who was the young master of the Dark Mage Clan, had heard of Anthony’s powers but had never met him before. This time, Anthony was coming to Quinten, so he wanted to spar with him. Anthony had showed off too much at the apprenticeship ceremony.
  • The younger generations in Livingston all knew who Anthony was.
  • After Quinten had spoken, he immediately brought a team and rushed out from the base, heading towards where Anthony and the Great Elder were.
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