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Chapter 373 The Assassin in the Ladies Changing Room

  • The leader’s eyes gleamed sinisterly. “Hehe, it won’t be a waste. We can still do that later… Haha… Let’s go and see what’s going on!”
  • The leader called his right-hand man over. The two of them adjusted their clothes and went into the mall.
  • Crowds of fanatic fans kept coming through at the mall entrance, hoping to catch a glimpse of Sharon.
  • Meanwhile, in the mall, Anthony carried Sharon and ran up the stairs to the second floor. Only then was he certain that no one was trailing them. After Anthony had put Sharon down, she said coquettishly, “You… You’re terrible. How could you spank my bum before everyone? Even if you want to spank me, you should at least wait until no one’s watching… It’s not that I don’t allow you…”
  • What the heck!
  • Anthony felt his heart beating furiously as though it could burst at any moment. Damn it, Sharon! This is no longer implying but a direct offer. So, Sharon actually enjoys this?
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