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Chapter 369 A New Generation of Great Lords

  • Louis exhaled and turned to Claude. “What were the results of your master’s fortune-telling, Mr. Skylan?”
  • Claude rose to his feet and bowed slightly to Louis. “My master’s predictions were exactly like what you have mentioned – Mr. Stewart is one of the Great Lords. As one of the guardian sects, Mount Asterius vows to die protecting the Great Lord!”
  • “Sable clan has also made the same predictions, Master Louis. Although Sable clan was Emerald Great Lord’s military advisor three thousand years ago, we would continue to serve him!” Sabrina offered.
  • Upon hearing two major sects vowing to support him, Anthony was certain that he was the prophesied Great Lord, but his puzzlement remained.
  • What does this role entail?
  • “Master Louis and Master Smiling Buddha, what do I have to do as a Great Lord?” Anthony was previously an unemployed graduate at the brink of despair until he received his Carnelian vision and was taken in by Master Louis.
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