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Chapter 367 Scapulimancy

  • Sabrina, Sharon, Natalie and Jennifer were chatting amicably, unaware of two suspicious-looking servers pushing a meal cart towards them.
  • “Watch out!” Anthony jumped to his feet and pushed a few people aside as he sprinted towards the girls.
  • He knew that all the servers in the restaurants were supposed to be Great Divine Peasant Guards, but the two odd servers did not seem like one of them through Anthony’s Carnelian vision.
  • They must’ve swapped out two of our men and stole their faces! There is nothing this wicked organization won’t dabble in!
  • Hearing Anthony’s warning, the servers cringed for a moment then sped towards Sabrina with the meal cart.
  • Meanwhile, Sabrina and the rest of the people at her table was on high alert. Sensing something amiss, Fil the butler dashed towards Sabrina but was tackled by another server.
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