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Chapter 366 Would You Be My Boyfriend?

  • During Anthony’s first encounter with Nex, his Carnelian vision had revealed that Nex had some unusual golden threads in his body, but Anthony did not anticipate that Nex could be so formidable.
  • Sensing Anthony’s confusion, the Smiling Buddha smiled as he explained, “Mr. Stewart, set your mind at ease. Nex has always been a warrior because of the unusual energy fluctuations in his body. I’ve always suppressed the fluctuations in his energy but had recently released him from the suppression because of a recent incident.”
  • Anthony nodded in appreciation as Nex and Claude began to mow through the group of weak-willed challengers.
  • Five minutes later, emboldened by the fact that he and Nex were the only men left standing on the stage, Claude began to yell at the crowd.
  • “Who else has a grudge? Come on!”
  • Even those who had plans to enter the fighting ring began to have second doubts when they heard the young grandmaster of Mount Astrius yelling at them.
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