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Chapter 364 Skylan the Bodyguard

  • Everyone in the plaza was astounded, including Louis, who could not hide the look of joy on his face.
  • Mount Asterius was one of the major players contributing to the battle between Livingston Union of Martial Arts and Vantablack Confederation that was strategized by Mr. Sun.
  • However, Mount Asterius only took part in the battle in the name of righteousness and justice and had a business-like relationship with Mr. Sun. Hence, after Louis’ altercation with Ben and Harper, he lost touch with Mount Asterius, which was why he was puzzled by Claude’s presence and support.
  • “Mr. Skylan, you’ve never been interested in the matters of the Mortal World. Why are you butting in between Mr. Stewart and I now?” Max frowned at Claude, who was staring him down from where he stood.
  • Claude was a Class Azoth master and nearly a Class Nascent master, which made his abilities on par with Max’s.
  • However, Claude, who was a part of Mount Asterius, had more influence and had better training compared to Max.
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