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Chapter 363 Max Challenges Anthony

  • Ben’s calculations were true – Anthony could have killed Chace if he wanted to. But, instead, he had decided that he would draw his punishment and humiliation out by slapping Chace.
  • “Why didn’t you dodge, you fool?!” A few members of the audience muttered under their breaths as they watched Anthony slap Chace harshly, but they were not in the position to criticize him.
  • Chace wished that he could die because even though he could anticipate the speed and direction of Anthony’s movements, he could not dodge the strikes.
  • However, he did not know that each of Anthony’s slaps were powered by layers of energy that permeated his body.
  • As the eighteenth smack landed on Chace’s face, all the accumulated energy in his body were released simultaneously with a sickening crunch as his internal organs erupted. Although Chace would not die, he would waste the rest of his life away because of his ruptured internal organs and cinnabar field.
  • Satisfied with his handiwork, Anthony paused long enough to lay his foot on Chace’s abdomen and kicked him into the audience to the south of the stage.
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