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Chapter 360 Do You Have My Permission to Leave?

  • Unless one of them had an overwhelming advantage, defeating someone with a single blow was an impossible feat if both fighters were masters of the same class.
  • What had happened must have been a hallucination!
  • While Estia stood agape, Claude Skylan of Mount Asterius rubbed his eyes in confusion, thinking that he was asleep. However, their eyes were not lying – Anthony’s single kick had thrown Sinistra’s son down to his knees.
  • Amazed by what they had witnessed, Estia and Claude silently traded an unreadable look and returned to their seats.
  • To them, Anthony had earned their audience by bringing Chiliad to his knees without breaking a sweat.
  • Meanwhile, Harper and Ben’s betting conversation had come to a standstill as the battle seemed to have ended before they could properly cast their bets.
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