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Chapter 353 The Heck?

  • “Okay! You might have to be patient with me, Master Louis. I believe you knew about the Supreme Palm, Flying Kicks, and face morph. I’ve also learned other techniques like Sunbeam Touch and Bell Shield… These are the treasures that I’ve gathered. This is Master Lou’s Venom Ossuary; Lord Pegasus’ Dragon’s Hide; the Varangians’ precious Gelid saber; Phantom Dash; the Hand of Buddha; Jack Harlequin’s ring and Canine Cane…”
  • Anthony removed his treasures from his body as he rattled off the list of things he had learned and taken from others in exchange for a favor. Louis’ eyes widened in surprise as he surveyed the table laden with treasures and mentally calculated the techniques Anthony had learned from various masters.
  • How is it possible for Anthony to get hold of all these valuables in the short time we were apart?! How did he manage to get in contact with Jack Harlequin? However, Anthony did not divulge about his Carnelian vision.
  • “That’s enough! You’re giving me a headache! Shorten the grand opening ceremony because I’ll officially be taking you in as my apprentice tomorrow. I’ll send out a Hero’s Notice tonight!” Louis’ serious face was all Anthony needed to see to know that his master was not making fun of him, and Anthony’s eyes lit up with delight.
  • “Really? I thought I needed to complete the three missions that you gave me! Besides rising to Class S, wasn’t I supposed to earn two hundred billion and assemble my own team of men? I feel like I haven’t done enough to earn your approval!”
  • “Pshh, you can drop your pretense here, Anthony. Although you were supposed to be at least a Class S master, you’ve managed to rise to Class Azoth, which is a great feat in itself already. Furthermore, you have Royal Antasia backing you up! I consider that part of assembling your team. And finally, the two hundred billion was meant to be a joke… Great Divine Peasant sect doesn’t need the money.” Louis rolled an eye at himself as he realized that he had no idea how much money Great Divine Peasant sect had and clapped his hands to summon a servant.
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