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Chapter 347 The Mysterious Woman

  • One of the Scarlet Bishops gasped and wanted to offer his opinion to Alfred, but the Royal Pope looked at Anthony and made up his mind.
  • “We will leave after we attend the event tomorrow. Have fun, young ones. I’ll be touring New York too.”
  • Alfred stated and waved at his Scarlet Bishops, and the men swiftly left Riverside Villa.
  • Carolyn gaped at her father and felt like he was favoring Anthony too much. How could he refuse to stay in Livingston when I asked him to, yet agree to stay when Anthony invited us to the grand opening?
  • Carolyn did not know Alfred’s reasons for agreeing to stay in Livingston.
  • After Alfred had witnessed Anthony’s abilities, he wanted to form an alliance with Anthony that reached beyond in-laws. Although Anthony and Carolyn were entering a relationship, Alfred had decided that he would take advantage of Anthony’s offer to befriend him.
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