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Chapter 344 My Weak Kidneys

  • A message appeared in Anthony’s mind. “Good day, my master. I, Evergreen, am bound to you in agreement as your martial atman.”
  • What on earth? What’s a martial atman? What’s Evergreen?
  • Anthony was discomfited, knowing that he had barely escaped the so-called Evergreen’s clutches of death, and was only saved because of his Carnelian vision.
  • How is the sapling next to my cinnabar fields so powerful? Anthony sulked as he checked his vital signs through his Carnelian vision, glad that even though there was a sapling in his body, nothing adverse had happened to him.
  • Anthony spun towards Carolyn, who was still deep in slumber, and heaved a sigh of relief. Without Evergreen leeching off her, her golden valor made sure that her life force flowed through her like a river after a heavy rain.
  • This did not come as a surprise to Anthony, because the Royal Pope of Antasia was part of the greatest martial arts sect in Antasia and had his methods to protect Carolyn against the adverse glomming of Evergreen.
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