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Chapter 341 A Star is Here!

  • The people in the car were Noel Arc’s men, who had infiltrated New York after they had identified the location of where Jack’s DivInte account was accessed. Having identified the user, they had started tailing Anthony from when he left Riverside Villa.
  • “Anthony Stewart has left Jones Group. Should we attack? The aura he gave me was one of a grandmaster, but he doesn’t seem capable of the terrible acts the reports have mentioned.” One of the young men in the car whispered into his mouthpiece, but Noel’s voice was tinged with cold wariness.
  • “Don’t be hasty. That man killed Lord Unicorn and infiltrated Tinsel Dingo’s headquarters without backup. He’s not as simple as you assume him to be. Keep on observing and do not engage until we have all the information we need. I’ll even lead the charge if I have to.”
  • Noel’s painstaking conscientiousness was born out of a mistake he had made a few months ago. Despite lacking up-to-date intelligence about Jack, Noel had attacked him right after he received instructions from his bosses. This mistake cost him greatly and led him to be caught between a rock and a hard place.
  • “Yes, boss! We know that you’re a careful person!”
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