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Chapter 340 Danger in the Southeast

  • “Wait a minute, New Jersey is crawling with Varangians now! Silas Winter, Xerxes Charles and Lord Unicorn have been knocked off their thrones. If we make waves now, we might attract the Varangians’ attention!” A man dressed like a butler explained to the one-eyed man, who nodded at his words.
  • “You’re right, we live in different times now… With Lenny gone, we need to be careful. But, we need to get DivInte before the old man’s buddies get back to him. Remember, the bosses are not patient people…”
  • The one-eyed man was Noel Arc, formerly Jack Harlequin’s bodyguard and one of his eight strongest lieutenants. However, Noel had sold his master out in New York, which led to Jack’s capture and incarceration in DOOMTOMB.
  • “What shall we do then? We cannot afford to send men there when we still have mess to deal with in the southeastern region!”
  • After Noel had betrayed Jack, he tried but failed to take over the southeastern region because the other seven lieutenants had demanded for Noel to show them Jack’s insignia as proof. Noel had then immediately contacted the warden of DOOMTOMB but was informed that Jack did not have anything with him when he was imprisoned.
  • After a long and arduous investigation, Noel had concluded that Jack had handed his DivInte and insignia to someone before his capture, and instructed his men to monitor Jack’s DivInte account activity. The previous log-in was too short for them to identify the user’s location, but this time they had managed to pinpoint where the user was logging in from.
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