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Chapter 339 Saving Jack

  • When Olivia heard Anthony tell the cashier she did not need to pay the rest of the bill, she was temporarily overjoyed until he went on to say that she had to wash the dishes. Olivia’s face fell because she had never washed a single thing in her entire pampered life.
  • “You despicable prig! I won’t go! I won’t!” Olivia tried to run away, but the two guards grabbed her wrists tightly and dragged her off to the kitchen.
  • The manager smiled placatingly at Anthony. “Is that good enough? Do you want to be crueler, Mr. Stewart?”
  • The owner of Rustle Hotel, Eighth Master, had paid his respects to Anthony with his manager in tow, which taught the manager that Anthony was not someone to mess with. Since Anthony had had dinner in Rustle Hotel, the manager was eager to please him.
  • “That’s enough. We just want to teach her a lesson.” Anthony rejected, shaking his head.
  • While they traveled from Rustle Hotel to Riverside Villa, Jennifer’s eyes never left Anthony. The light in her eyes were like tinder in a fireplace, ready to ignite the electrified air between them. She desperately wanted to be soldered to him, and whispered hoarsely, “I want to be yours, Anthony. Let’s get together tonight…”
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