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Chapter 338 Olivia Tastes the Fruit of her Labor

  • After the Varangians took over Skyward Group, the United Kingdom’s plans to infiltrate Livingston through Wyoming were thwarted as Camelia identified their spies to the Varangians.
  • Hence, in a desperate attempt to tighten their grip on Livingston, Merlot Society turned to Southeastern Plutus.
  • Despite Daemon’s failure to take revenge against Skyward Group, Merlot Society did not give up on him because they were after the incomplete map of the Appalachian Trail.
  • It was imperative for Merlot Society to enter the ruins of the Reiki relic in a world where Reiki was slowly being phased out. If the Varangians and Reiki masters from Livingston entered the ruins, they would become too powerful to defeat even with help from the therianthropy serum.
  • Daemon was anxiously dialing his son’s phone when Moriarty from Merlot Society called him.
  • “Did you say all fourteen of the super-soldiers Ryker had taken are dead? Who did this? Weren’t they supposed to be masters of the realms?” Daemon’s voice shook with emotion when he realized that Ryker was in danger. The only reason Moriarty would call me would be to tell me that Livingston Federation have deployed powerful masters to kill all the super-soldiers.
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