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Chapter 336 Take Her by Force!

  • Ryker scrunched his nose up at Olivia’s flushed face. “Ew, don’t touch me! I only want Jennifer… Please don’t tell me you took the drug.”
  • Ryker was in a foul mood because he had failed the secret mission his father had assigned to him. He was supposed to retrieve the incomplete map of the Appalachian Trail from the Crosby family. However, after Professor Yard and his team of ten super-soldiers were killed, the leader of the team made a final call and went missing-in-action. This was all because Anthony Stewart stepped in and ruined his plans.
  • After Anthony had crushed Ryker’s father’s companies that afternoon, he had cautioned his son about Anthony.
  • Ryker’s frustration of the day was churning within him, when he heard that Jennifer was studying in New York. He was looking forward to taking his frustrations out on Jennifer. He had reached out to Olivia, hopeful to consummate his unrequited love.
  • Although Olivia could feel the drug coursing through her veins, she knew that she could not afford to offend Ryker. She suppressed her urges and forced a smile onto her face. “She’s there with her boyfriend, who is inebriated, so it’s up to you now. Don’t forget our agreement.”
  • “Don’t worry. You’ll get your reward once I get mine!” When Ryker saw Jennifer, his eyes twinkled with delight as he strolled towards her.
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