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Chapter 332 Poverty Limits Imagination

  • Anthony defeated ten super-soldiers like it was a piece of cake, but this incident caused a ripple of fear to go through a laboratory in the United Kingdom.
  • “Grandmaster, we can no longer detect the vital signs of the ten-men team we sent out!” A bespectacled professor cried to a middle-aged man in merlot garb. This man was the grandmaster of Merlot Society, Moriarty.
  • Although there were two secret societies in the United Kingdom, Stygian sect was more independent compared to Merlot Society, a society directly subjected to the royal family.
  • Due to the greater amount of funds that were channeled to Merlot Society, they were able to advance faster and was more formidable than Stygian sect. Merlot Society was also the culprit behind the distribution of the therianthropy serum.
  • “Are you saying that the whole team was defeated? I guess we shouldn’t have underestimate Livingston…” Moriarty squinted his eyes at the scores and abilities of the super-soldiers like a gamer surveying a score chart.
  • There must have been at least three grandmasters present to defeat this team of masters of the realms in Livingston, but as far as I recall, grandmasters were rare in the Mortal World. The Varangians had three grandmasters, who were coincidentally also their three Lords, but Lord Unicorn was killed recently… So, who else could have detected these super-soldiers if they were not from the Varangians?
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