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Chapter 330 Stealing the Map

  • Although Cate was known as New York’s Top Beauty and was the chairman of Crosby Group, she felt like a commoner when she was with Anthony because of his bountiful harem.
  • Cate employed her feminine wiles to capture Anthony’s attention when they were in the Crosby Residences, but Anthony had turned her down.
  • “What about… Now?” Cate batted her eyelids at Anthony, and Anthony shuddered when he felt her smoldering gaze boring into his body.
  • “Maybe not… Show me the map first, Cate! Many have tried to get their grubby paw on the map.” Anthony stuttered but was startled when a red glint crossed his vision.
  • Although the red glint was faint, Anthony saw it clearly and knew that it was his Carnelian vision’s method of predicting danger. Did someone find out that the incomplete map is with the Crosbys?
  • Anthony’s body had absorbed the Appalachian Trail maps that he took from the Vine family and Camelia, but the final piece was with Cate. If Varangians could find out that the final fragment of the incomplete map was with her, other organizations would be able to uncover this secret too!
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