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Chapter 33 Med King

  • One by one, the rough stones opened. There were no empty ones - each had a piece of Zumurrud gem in it. What was more, every piece of it was of the best quality. Each of them was at least the size of an adult’s fist, valuing at least ten million.
  • Droplets of sweat started to form on the master’s forehead. Although he had had twenty years of experience in this field, he still had to be extra careful in cutting up the stones, fearing that he would damage the gems in them.
  • Jonah Jones’ eyes lit up when he saw the Zumurrud gem. “Master, you have made a fortune!” The value of the few pieces of Zumurrud gem he had discovered so far was totaled to an amount of at least a hundred million.
  • Anthony Stewart shrugged nonchalantly and said, “Well, this is nothing. What I’m more concerned about is the bet I made with Poppy Perkins. Haha!”
  • Poppy Perkins was pretty, so one could imagine that her friends wouldn’t be too shabby.
  • Poppy Perkins glared at Anthony Stewart when she heard his words. She snapped, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, rascal! There are more than ten pieces of stones that are not opened yet. I don’t believe…”
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