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Chapter 327 The Deity of Fortune Smiles

  • After Anthony dashed Xerxes’ hope to take over Mount Beastial, he took his leave from Lord Pegasus and went back to Williamsburg.
  • Anthony was approached by many about the Reiki ruins and had collected the Appalachian Trails from the Vine and Firestorm families. If he could get the third fragment of the incomplete map from the Crosby family, he would be able to find the entrance to the Relic!
  • However, Anthony was unaware that he was not the only one searching for the Reiki ruins as many others were eying the ruins for their restorative properties that would be a great boost in a Reiki-deficient world.
  • Howl Kyro was kneeling in a great hall of Vantablack Confederation before a young man in dark garb, who had ensconced himself on the seat of honor as he questioned Howl severely. “Are you sure that Anthony is a Class Azoth master now?”
  • Howl blanched as he thought of the updates he received from Mount Beastial on his escape back to Vantablack Confederation and was grateful that he had escaped the fate of ending up like Xerxes and his men.
  • “Yes, your Excellency! Anthony murdered Lord Unicorn and Tinsel Dingo and destroyed Xerxes and the Progenitor…” Howl was sent as Vantablack Confederation’s messenger because he was shrewd and capable enough to discover hidden news, but the young man only huffed contemptuously at the news.
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