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Chapter 323 The Mess in Mount Beastial

  • Although Howl had received news from Lord Unicorn about Anthony being admitted into DOOMTOMB, he still felt apprehension and could barely contain his vexation. However, he had to put on a brave front for his people.
  • “Don’t worry, Xerxes! We can manage without them! Have a seat and chat, while I go to the washroom!” Howl gestured for Xerxes to sit and walked out of the meeting hall. He felt his phone buzz as a message came in.
  • “Anthony Stewart has returned as a Class Azoth master. Give up on Lord Pegasus and Michael and retreat immediately!”
  • Howl was stupefied when he read the message and his hand began to feel cold and clammy. Damn! How could Anthony get to Class Azoth while I’m still stuck in Class S? Did he ride on a rocket for class promotion?
  • Howl bit back a bark of hysterical laughter as he thought about his futile plan to take revenge against Anthony; he would not be able to defeat Anthony even if he cloned himself!
  • Paying no heed to his self-image, Howl vaulted out of the window of the washroom and began to jog down Mount Beastial’s path, leaving Xerxes and his men to wait for him the whole night.
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