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Chapter 317 Do You Need a Ride to Hell

  • Camelia scanned Denver Randleman, who was in a fight. This grandmaster-leveled expert was cornered by Lord Unicorn, also known as Lenny, and it was impossible for him to rescue Anthony.
  • Given the situation, he could only depend on himself!
  • Camelia shook her head, and a massive surge of force seethed out her body in preparation to fight with the two experts in front of her.
  • However, just as Camelia was about to move, a calm voice sounded around her, “Don’t worry, Mrs. Soche! You’ll be safe with me!”
  • Levis Jakerman, an Embroidered Uniform Guard, drew out his sword and swayed his long sword in the air. ‘Clash, clang!’ To Carmine Zefen and Captain Glacier’s surprise, their sabers were broken into pieces of scrap metal at once...
  • “Seriously? There’s more?” Lenny’s expression suddenly changed, “Ceasefire! Everyone retreat!”
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