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Chapter 314 I Will Fuck You Up

  • Hundreds of archers were gone just like that! Tinsel Dingo was heartbroken, and all these were because of Anthony! This motherfucker is fucking annoying!
  • But what could be done?
  • Anthony continued to walk towards Tinsel Dingo. There was a group of Tinsel Dingo’s stormtroopers awaiting Anthony in the second obstacle. Among the stormtroopers, most of them were Class A masters, and the rest were realm controllers. All of them were holding a saber in their hands and looking menacingly hostile as they began attacking Anthony. However, the outcome was the same. One by one, Anthony got the better of them and tossed them away like garbage.
  • Within five minutes, dozens of stormtroopers fell to the ground and howled.
  • Later, Michael and Mossy Luiza had arrived at the scene in a car. Both of them were astounded when they saw the chaotic battlefield.
  • “Oh, Lord. This is beyond magnificent!” Mossy couldn't help giving a thumbs up to Anthony, who strode ahead and continued to walk inside.
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